We are a private International European cosmetic company specialising in manufacturing completely bespoke lines. We produce high quality skin-care cosmetic products for personal use or professional treatments, that can be personalised with your own branding logo.    

All our products are made in Italy, with the best raw materials selected by our experts. Reliability and quality represent the strength of our laboratories.

With our support, you can create your own cosmetic line in three simple steps.

1- Choose the product: we provide a wide range of cosmetic products for the face and body, that are tailored depending on the specific concern .

2- Choose the packaging: you can choose your personal packaging depending on the type of vision you have.

3- Choose the label: when your cosmetic product is done, it will have your private branding and logo.


With many years of experience within the industry, our goal is to provide products of the highest quality. Our team is made up of chemists, biologists and pharmacists. We collaborate with specialists from all over the world and Italian researchers to be up to date with the latest developments within science and the cosmetic industry.

Our laboratories specialise in the research and development of new innovative and advanced cosmetic formulas, to achieve every day better results and answer to all the different needs of people. Our philosophy is to guarantee the best quality, security and efficacy.


Our continuous research is aimed to improve the performance and quality of our products.  

We carry out extensive research to make advanced and original products to satisfy different needs in a new way.

We think that the collaboration with the best specialists is the key to guaranteeing the product quality, security and efficacy.  

Minimum order is not required, we want to satisfy all different needs of our clients, without force limits.


Invest in continuous learning of our staff, our most valuable resource. Learning is necessary to maintain an adequate level of quality and to answer to people's needs.

Create a positive and stimulating working environment where talented people can develop to their full potential.

Our laboratories maintain a quality system in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, UNI EN ISO 22716 «Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)», UNI EN ISO 13485 «Medical Device» EC 745/2017 in order to give confidence to the customer in all phases of our production, from the acquisition of raw materials to the shipment of the final product.

Maintain an adequate level of competence and awareness of Good Manufacturing Practices and the requirements of the Regulations.

Carry out accurate selection of new raw materials, control every step of the production process, test and analyze the final product to ensure quality.

 Continuous investment on laboratories, machineries and staff. Search for new organizational and technical solutions that enables the improvement of:
- Safety and reliability of the cosmetic product
- Flexibility and speed of response
- Precision and accuracy of the packaging process

In addition to quality, safety and efficacy we also search for new solutions and new formulations to create an innovative product that has not been seen on the market to date.

In accordance with European regulation 1223/2009, that bans animal testing for finished cosmetic products and for cosmetic ingredients, all our products are NOT tested on animals.


Our laboratories are certified:

- UNI EN ISO 22716:2008
- UNI EN ISO 13485:2004
- UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Our production plants are compliant with guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and they are registered at the European Portal (CPNP – Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) for notification and selling Cosmetics. Our laboratories have Free Sale certificates for Extra UE countries.


Are you a manager of a clinic, chemist's, beauty center, SPA, and do you want to create your cosmetic line? According to your needs we help you to create your cosmetic product with your own branding logo. Contact us to find more

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