Shampoo Growth Factors Delicate

Delicate solution to fortify your hair. Frequently washing can damage and weaken your hair. This formulation, with delicate surfactant, prevents hair damage and skin irritation, and growth factors strengthen and reinforce hair structure. Growth factors support anagen phase, the hair growth phase, and stimulates and revitalises the hair follicle. They increase micro blood circulation, promoting nourishment intake, necessary to feed hair. They reinforce the hair root, fighting the loss. It gently washes your hair leaving it soft and full of natural shine.





Active Ingredients

Sh - Polypeptide-9, Sh Polypeptide – 11, Sh Polypeptide-1


Distribute on wet hair and massage gently. Leave on 5 minutes and rinse with warm water. Intended for frequent use, ideal for all hair types.


200 ml


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