Gold Silky Serum

Light serum with silk protein Sericine, known for its hydrating and anti-aging properties. Sericine holds water, regulating moisture and leaving skin smoothed and radiant. Its elasticity and tensile strength improves skin texture, thanks to its natural affinity for skin proteins, supporting skin structure. Growth factors stimulate cell activities such as new collagen and elastin production, increasing skin elasticity and firmness, and reducing age signs and sagging. The light texture of this serum makes it ideal for daily use in all skin type. Enriched with golden small pearls to illuminate skin for a lightening effect.



Texture strengthening

Soothing effect

Velvety skin

Lightening effect

Active Ingredients

Sericine, Sh Polypeptide - 11 ,  Copper Tripeptide - 1, Sh Polypeptide-3


All skin type. Apply on face after cleansing.


30 ml


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