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Peel Off Mask

Acne Mask

Specific mask formulated for acne-prone skins, to help to reduce acne signs and scars.

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Lightening Mask

Innovative mask indicated for skin characterized by blemishes, spots and uneven complexion. To help skin to have uniform appearance.

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Keratolytic Mask

Exfoliating mask formulated with the combination of different acids, to combine different way of action and act in several layers.

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Super Hydrating Mask

Super moisturizing mask that combines the hydrating and rejuvenating action of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

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Growth Factors Mask

Mask with growth factors to help cell renewal and collagen and elastin production, for mature and demanding skin.

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Antioxidant Mask

Antioxidant and revitalizing mask. Very rich formulation to protect the skin, help to restore its functionality and improve its appearance.

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