Glycolic Acid

Customizable solution with concentration and pH chosen by the doctor. Liquid solutions to put on a cotton ball or on a blush, apply on face, and leave on 5-10 minutes.

The exfoliation process promoted by acids stimulates cell renewal through dead cells removal in corneum stratus, eliminates damaged and degenerated cells and activates new collagen production.

The deep and the results of a peeling treatment depend on a wide range of factors. For this reason it is not possible to classify in unequivocal way the differences between the acids. The same active ingredient can perform different efficacy on different skin type. Only experience and competent of an expert know the best solution for each person, to achieve the best results without side effects. Factors that make the difference in peeling treatments are:

-          Type of active

-          Concentration

-          Duration of each treatment

-          Number of treatments

-          Frequency of treatments

-          Type of pre-treatment

-          Type of post-treatment

-          Skin type

During the treatment, we suggest to photograph patient’s skin, in order to document the presence of scars, moles and blemishes before the beginning of the treatment and to better control its progress. The days after use a sunscreen to protects skin and avoid irritations.


Glycolic acid is the smallest alpha-hydroxy acid with a carboxylic and a hydroxyl functional group.

Thanks to its low molecular weight, it acts deeply and is not indicated for sensitive skin. It exfoliates corneum stratus and stimulates cell renewal.

Glycolic Acid Chemical Formula


50 ml

Active Ingredients

Glycolic Acid


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